Spamming vs Marketing Email

Many people say there’s an thin line between spamming and email marketing. But that’s not correct entirely. I am going to present you some insight why spamming never is a good strategy.

In regards the message, perhaps there is no big difference. But junk e-mail has 2 obvious characteristics:

  1. Unrequested, and that means you didn’t solicit it, and you’ve never enrolled in any e-newsletter. Not really implicit agreement…
  2. It’s the bulk and usually using BCC. Meaning lots of people also impacted by this e-mail, and the content is exactly the same email you receive.

Usually, the only real viable mechanism for recording you have really requested the messages is double-opt-in, see for what which means. Most of time, junk mail holds no relevance for you. The email campaign doesn’t targeted and personalized.

Nowadays there are strict laws and regulations against unrequested emails in US. Large fines can and therefore are issued to companies that send junk e-mail. The company needed to get explicit permission (opt-in) by recipients before delivering emails, even if they’re your current customers. Furthermore, the subscriber must aware the possibilities to withdraw their permission anytime, i.e. unsubscribing. But the law probably can only affected on big company. While there are still lots of spammer out there.

But no matter what, using effective and correct email marketing still is the best way to gain revenue, compared to blasting email blindly.

Spam mail nowadays are getting harder to land on inbox. Usually ISP has anti spam system, the most simple is utilizing blacklist server to reject certain IP or email address. Major email company like Gmail or Yahoomail, also have internal anti spam system and lastly any individual might mark the unrelated and unsolicited email as junk e-mail if lands within their Inbox.

Personally, I think junk e-mail has too many negatives. That’s why it is always better to use permission email-marketing strategy. That’s it you create a blog, you holding a seminar or workshop. And you invite anyone who interest with your topic to join the mailing list.

Advantages of Effective Mail Marketing

  • Preserves your reputation, not labeled as spammer
  • Shows customers that you simply respect their privacy
  • Can help you email those who are curious about what you are selling
  • Helps you save money and time because you are targeting small yet right audiences
  • Can help you build longer-term, trust-based relationships with customers
  • Can improve your sales and product interest

Sending email to everyone blindly still practiced by many, although mostly is from virus or scam. Nowadays, it’s so seldom to see marketer to do spamming as it is so ineffective.

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