How to Create Useful Content for Your Business

This post is for anyone who has Web promoting your business. The goal is to introduce you a way to create great articles with the topic around your business industry hence increase the chance of publicity in the Internet.

Most of business owner never really thought about to put some useful content into their Web, not realizing they just lost huge opportunity to bring sales. In fact good content will boost your Web traffic, and it will even better if the content itself is viral. So how do you start writing such content?

The following I will explain step by step how to create useful content.

Step #1: Find relevant broad terms

Keyword is the key. Keyword is the very first step and it is the most critical. You need not too concern about keyword rankings. What you need to focus is about the traffic generated from keyword targeting.

First find the broad keyword. For example if your business is about electricity, then perhaps you want to find keyword related that, like “light switch”, “wiring”, “electrical panel”.

Step #2: Test it on gives a list of related and suggested searches for terms. This will provide us a very long and thorough list of very broad “unfinished” topics you can pick and choose to consider writing about.

Usually those keywords are the terms that used by others to search. So it has a good chance such keyword is indeed useful. I try to put “light switch” into the tool and some of the result there is about “light switch feels warm” and “light switch feels hot”. Although this is just a hunch, but this feel like going to be useful. So we put those keywords into the again to drill down longer keyword suggestions.

This second search give more detailed suggestions. For example I will choose the given keyword “light switch feels warm to touch”. Yup this is the keyword that I am going to used.

Step #3: Examine the competitors

Now you want to know whether it is hard to rank the keyword you just found. We will try to put the keyword into Google to see who place on the top ten on this keyword.

Usually to help you determine whether it is easy to rank or not, you want to check their Domain Authority and Page Authority from Site Explorer. It is free, and in fact you can install the add on to check. Usually any PA more than 30 is considered difficult. While under 10 is considered easy.

If the keyword you just found has lot of competitor, then better of find other keyword again.

Step #4: Write the article

You’ve found the keyword and you see the competition of this keyword is relatively easy to rank. Now it is time to write the content. You must make sure your content is useful. Check the typo and grammar mistakes before publishing it. Try to provide valuable content for your readers.

Usually the longer the post the better. Adding images into the content will help the rank too.


Writing good content is the very foundation of SEO. In fact some people manage to attract traffic without actively building backlinks. This is one of the most rewarding activity both in SEO or in your business.


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