Best Practice in Writing Meta Description

Meta descriptions are Web-page coding that provide brief explanation from the content in Web pages. They are the short bits of text that look as an element of an end result on the major search engines outcomes or as we known as Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). They ought to describe what the page (or article, or reports post) is about in one or two brief sentences, providing visitors a brief of what to expect when they click on to the website.

Code Sample

<meta name=”description” content=”This is an example of a meta description. This will often show up in search results.”>

Optimum Length

Optimum length for Search Engines like Google is close to 155 characters. While it is not vital in rankings, meta description tag, are incredibly essential in attaining visitor click-by from Search page results. These quick sentences are an opportunity to promote content material to searchers and also to tell them specifically whether the provided page has the details they’re searching for.

The meta description should employ the keywords intelligently, but also create a compelling description that a searcher will want to click.

They are an important part of how your site displays in the and SERPs. If written well, can dramatically increase click through rate to your site. Most Search engine optimization experts say the perfect length of a meta information is around 150 – 160 characters. Lot of SEOs tend to acknowledge the optimum length of a meta description is approximately 155 characters to ensure full display inside the Search page results.

You might also notice that if you follow the 155 character rule for blog/news articles, your Meta descriptions could still being truncated. Like page titles, Meta descriptions are limited by pixel width rather than character count. You probably can fit more if most of the characters are consisted of “i”, “j”. But 155 characters is usually very close to that.

Shorter Meta descriptions for Blog Articles/News Posts?

If you are writing a blog post or a news article – or anything with a date attached to it, the date stamp will be included in the pixel limit of the meta description. Therefore, SEO best practices for blog posts/news articles require a meta description of closer to 142 characters to ensure full display in the SERPs.

Meta descriptions are not always exhibited in Search page results. It really is more widespread with this to occur when undertaking lengthy-tail lookups. It really is interesting to note the length of a few of the Meta descriptions that are instantly drawn by search engines.

The length of this meta description which had been drawn via by Search engines is 329 characters (like the time) – a lot more than increase those of an ordinary meta description!


You should give your meta description every chance of appearing just the way you’d like it to by optimizing it with correct length. Make sure it has short yet compelling description.

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