Article Spinner: Is it Good or Bad?

Article spinner is a piece of software that utilizes thesaurus or formula to develop a relatively unique article from source article. These programs replace words without altering too much the meaning of the article.

A poorly designed content spinner usually produce nearly unreadable articles. But even a high quality one is not likely to produce high quality articles that written well in the near future.

Usually, these programs are often accustomed to generate new content for internet search engine-enhanced websites. The concept of spinning content that isn’t of the consumer from the spinner is extremely questionable because spun content is never 100% unique.

Every article spinner differs, but however they all operate in basically exactly the same way. They have a take word and try to change it having a synonym, or at best an identical word. For instance, “glasses” might be substituted to “goggle”, “spectacles” and so on. Then they try to rearrange the sentences without messing the meaning. But the problem is not every words can be replaced. And hence it will still resemble the original content.

Article spinner programs can be found in both free and paid versions. Normally, the typical free spinner doesn’t have quality match up against a paid one. For the paid one, of course nobody can beat the The Best Spinner. This peace of software probably are the most popular and I personally use it (I’ll explain later, how I use it). And then, there is WordAI. Its Turing technology seems very promising. Sometime spinner also came with language specific. One of my friend, Billy, together with his friend create a Bahasa Indonesia based spinner. I used it for a while and look quite decent. There are still a lot of space for improvements.

Example of article spinner
Example of article spinner view. Most of the time you still need to review and make adjustment to the result for better quality

The effectiveness of spinning article for blog post, probably not so good. But it doesn’t mean it is useless. I admit I am using spinning tools sometime. But I am using it in different situation, for example, entering content for online shop. Say, for example I must input hundreds of products. But the description of the products are basically the same. How do we spice up the description so it looks a little bit different yet still looked well crafted, gramatically correct, and unique from one with another?

Here is how spinning tool come to play. By using spinning tool, I can write manually the word into spintax format. Something like this:

{Beautiful|Gorgeous|Wonderful} painting of {scenery|view}

And it will generate one of this:

Beautiful painting of scenery
Beautiful painting of viewsWonderful painting of scenery

Then I’ll review the result and check whether result seems like spam? Is it grammatically correct? I should required a couple of minutes to ensure all variations read well and therefore are grammatically correct. And only after I confirm everything look fine then I will put into the Excel or software to generate the content. This can save me hours.


I believe every tool is neutral. It is depend how the user utilize the tool for the best purpose. People say that article spinner is blackhat, and should be avoided. But then again that’s because majority is using it for generating awful content for their blog. That’s not a clever way to use text spinner. Using it correctly and carefully, text spinner might help you save a lot of times. What do you think?

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