5 Sure Ways to Build Authority as Writer

To build reputation and authority in Internet is not an easy task. Why should people listen to you. What credibility and accountability do you hold to make them do as what you preach?

But when you finally gain some reputations and credibilities around your name, things will get easier when you write a content or promote a product. So how do you build your reputation?

1. Put Your Self-Interest Behind

Perhaps you want to build authority so you can sell better on Internet. It is fine. Everybody has their own motives and agendas why they build authority. But this is psychology. People hate it when they know you are trying to hard selling them. People hate it if they can clearly see you want to earn money or getting affiliate commission from them (even they don’t waste even a dime!)

What you have to do is put aside your self-interest at the beginning. You may dissolve some of this skepticism by, at times, acting against your own self-interest. When Doyle Dane Bernbach was challenged to sell the world’s ugliest car: they flaunted its dysfunctions. Remember that when you mentioned weakness before strengths, you lower resistance to arguments and generate more belief.

2. Play Hard to Get

Most customers or followers expect you to say things to please them. Either you are freelance or author of the blog, you will perhaps ever get suggestions from your readers or clients to do something you are against with. But fearing you might lose them, you just go ahead without thinking. What happen? They blow you off.

We’ve always been taught that “you get what you pay for.” In fact, it’s common for a prospective customer to distrust a product because it’s too cheap. Yet, when it comes to setting own price, we often shoot much too low. This is a mistake.

This is one of the reasons never back off easily in negotiation. Why? When in negotiation you can easily lower your price, your opponent will suspect you’ll do anything for money. She’ll suspect you don’t care about quality or integrity. Put it in other words, you can be bought easily.

By playing hard in order to maintain quality will not only bring you some reputation also bring respect from your clients and followers. People will see that you actually have their best interest in mind because you’re not falling over yourself to kiss their bottoms.

3. Confident is the Key

How can you convince other people if you can’t convince yourself?  he more self-assured and confident a communicator you are, the more likely people will accept what you say. Say what you think. And say it with backbone. Audiences like people with conviction. You will please those who matter to you. And probably piss off those who don’t.

4. Focus on Single Quality

To build your reputation effectively, focus on one thing, and be the very best at that. Your reputation should be simple, based upon a single, sterling quality — strategic thinking, say, or persuasiveness. This becomes your trump card. This will define who you are in front of audiences and gets people to listen to you.

Seth Godin has a reputation for passionately spreading important ideas. That’s how he got the opportunity to stand in front of a TED audience and mesmerize those people. How he can publish multiple New York Times bestsellers.

5. Don’t Influence Anyone

This might sound contradictory, but did you know you can influence people simply by not influencing them?

Say, for example, you’re probably more likely to take the advice to buy a certain stock if you overhear the tip during a whispered conversation between two well-dressed men at the table next to yours than you are if a broker called you up with the same information.

This, once again is human psychology and related to point number one. People hate when they are being sold. They will think they will lose if they agreed to do what you ask them to do. But if you give them a sense of control, then they will happily do what you want. For example, you write high-quality content without asking for anything in return and you’ll find a much warmer reception when it does come time to promote a product.

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